The Community Compost Movement, founded by Changing Tides Foundation, is on a mission to educate the masses about composting while helping regenerate soils and reduce our carbon footprint!

The North Shore Community Compost Movement launched in 2019 as a women-run pilot compost pickup program servicing North Shore residents. As the program grew, our team worked with farms throughout the island to develop several drop-off locations. In total the program ran for 2 years and diverted over 35,000 lbs of food waste from Oahu's incinerators  and landfills. Unfortunately, in 2021, due to Oahu's prohibitive laws on composting, we were unable to get the required permits to continue the subscription service and were forced to shut it down. 

Since then, we have reimagined the Community Compost Movement as an educational resource aimed at empowering individuals and communities to learn more about the benefits of composting, especially using BOKASHI, to divert food scraps, combat climate change and regenerate soils far and wide.


  • Food scraps are diverted from landfills and incinerators,  out of the waste stream and into the earth

  • An active way to lower personal greenhouse gas emissions on a daily basis

  • Composted food scraps become a valuable resource for building healthy soils when separated from other ‘trash’.

  • By composting our food waste, we reduce our carbon footprint. Compost soil sequesters carbon, while food rotting in landfills releases methane

  • Composting returns unused nutrients from food scraps back into the soil for local farms to use, completing the food cycle and contributing to a healthy, local source of nutritious organic food. Contributing to the cycling of nutrients from our homes back to community farms fosters a healthy connection to locally-grown organic food.

  • Community composting encourages food independence & reduces local use of chemical fertilizers.




We are revitalizing the "local" movement by 

diverting food waste and putting it back into the soils we use to grow our food.



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