Sometimes things happen. You switched roommates, move homes, breakups, you go on vacation, etc... As outlined in our TERMS & CONDITIONS, here’s how to handle these situations:

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

1.) If you want to end OR temporarily suspend your composting relationship with Community Compost Movement at any time, you must email or call Community Compost Movement 14 days in advance. This will ensure the best service, so please help us help you by making contact before you bail on your house, your roommate or the whole island.

2.) If you end your composting relationship with Community Compost Movement with 14 days written notice (we'd be so sad to see you go!), any prepaid pick-ups will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

3.) If you do not pay your invoice for Community Compost Movement’s services by 30 days from the date the invoice is sent to you, Community Compost Movement may end this agreement by giving 14 days written notice.

4.) Either you or Community Compost Movement may end this agreement at any time and for any reason with 14 days written notice.

5.) Community Compost Movement reserves the right to cancel service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or operational gripes. You will be notified of such cancellation as soon as we know, prior to your Pick-Up Day, we will do our best to immediately reschedule your pickup day the following day, otherwise your account will not be charged.

6.) Any matters relating to the cancellation or suspension of service will be made via email.