Spread Aloha to our soils

Join the Community Compost Movement on Oahu

The Changing Tides Foundation wants to help make composting a seamless part of the North Shore lifestyle while helping to regenerate Oahu's soils and reduce our community's carbon footprint.

Why participate in a Community Compost Program?
  • Food waste is diverted from Oahu's overfilled landfills.

  • Composting reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste to be incinerated.

  • Composting further captures carbon and puts it back into the soil.

  • Composted food scraps become a valuable resource for building healthy soils.

  • Composting returns nutrients from food scraps back into the soils for local farms to use, completing the cycle and contributing to a healthy, local source of nutritious organic food.

  • Community composting encourages food independence & reduces local use of chemical fertilizers.

How Does it Work? 

  1. Sign up for our recurring monthly membership, and choose your location. 

  2. We'll deliver to you a compost bucket with a lid and a welcome packet with educational information and instructions on what to do.

  3. Fill your bucket with food scraps.

  4. Once each week on your designated day, we'll come pick it up and leave you with a clean bin - NO SMELL, NO CLEANING, NO HASSLES.

  5. Track your impact on the environment with personalized carbon offset reports!