Q. So, what exactly are you doing?


A. Changing Tides Foundation wants to make composting a seamless part of the North Shore lifestyle while helping to regenerate Oahu's soils, reduce our community’s carbon footprint and use the soil to grow new food. This is why we created the North Shore Community Compost Movement which is a weekly collection service for people without the space, time or desire to manage their own composting system. You divert your food waste, we pick it up and turn it into soil for our local farms.


Q. Where do you operate?


A. Our pilot program will serve homes on the North Shore of Oahu only, to start. In the future we hope to expand to more areas on Oahu and empower others to start similar programs in their own communities.


Lets spread Aloha to our soils!


Q. This sounds great! When does the Community Compost program officially start?


A. The first drop-off date for compost buckets will be on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. You will receive a 5 gallon bucket with a screw top lid and some BOKASHI to begin with and one week later, we’ll pick up your first batch from your front doorstep and swap it out for a clean new bucket-- NO SMELL, NO CLEANING, NO HASSLES!


Q.  How does my household sign up?


A. You can enroll HERE. Upon enrollment, on the following Wednesday (pickup/dropoff date), you will receive a 5-gallon compost collection bucket with a screw top lid, some BOKASHI to kickstart the compost process and remove the smells, a welcome packet with information about the program and instructions on our DO'S & DON'TS. For example, our designated pickup day is Wednesday, if you place your order on a Friday, you will receive your first compost collection bucket and welcome packet the following Wednesday. Your first two weeks are free, so you can try it out for yourself and see what you think!


Q. Are there different sizes for different household numbers?


A. Once you’re enrolled, you will receive one 5-gallon compost collection bucket with a screw top lid delivered straight to your doorstep. You also have the option to sign up for our PLUS program and add second bucket for an additional $5 per month. If you signed up for our BASIC subscription, you will have the option to switch to the PLUS program and add an extra bucket at any time in the future, if necessary.


Q. What can I throw in the compost collection bin?


A. Check out the full list of compostables on our DO'S & DON'TS page. Because you will be using BOKASHI, our list does include meats as well.

Q: What is Bokashi?


A. BOKASHI is an anaerobic (fermentation) process that converts food waste into a soil amendment, adding nutrients and improving soil structure. You can learn more about Bokashi, HERE.


Q: Does Bokashi smell?


A. No, BOKASHI does not smell! The only smell that can occur is a sweet and sour scent that occurs with the fermentation of the food.

Q. How long will my bag of Bokashi last?

A. Depending on your household you will have more of less food waste. On average, the two pound package you will receive will last you 4 bucket cycles. This is about 2 months worth of food scraps.


Q. I'm seeing mold, is that bad?


A. White or light mold can develop inside your bucket, don’t worry about this, it is a sign that everything is going well with the fermentation.


When dark mold (purple, blue, green or black) occurs, something's not quite right. Drop us an email and we’ll come pick it up, so you can start fresh!


Q. My food waste looks exactly the same as how I put it in the bucket?


A. That’s right, when using BOKASHI, the food waste will not decompose in the bucket, it will basically pickle. An apple will still look like an apple.  

Q. Where do I leave my compost bin?


A. Right outside your doorstep, or a spot designated by you when you sign up.


Q.  Where does the compost go?


A. Once a week on Wednesdays, we will collect your compost bucket and drop off an empty clean one. The food scraps will be processed into high-quality compost. This compost will be used at local farms on the North Shore of Hawaii. Our first partner farm is Waihuena Farm, just behind Pipeline. Additional North Shore farms are on board as well and will be added on as the program grows. You can learn more about our local farm partners HERE.

Q. Why would I join?


A. Nutrient-cycling is a beautiful, natural process that returns nutrients back into the soil from which they came. It's simple! Healthy, nutritious food is grown from healthy, nutrient-rich soil. When food scraps are sent to landfills, precious nutrients are wasted, starving our soils from the necessary organic material needed to be productive and healthy.


By composting, community members close the nutrient loop by returning those nutrients back into the soil to grow healthy food to feed our local community!


Q. What are the benefits of giving compost to a community project rather than compost at home?


A. We encourage at-home composting! Unfortunately this is not available to every household, due to space and time restrictions, travel, pests or lack of desire to manage a compost system. The benefit of community composting is outsourcing the messy parts of composting and joining a community effort that supports our local farms.


Q. What do I get? Are there any returns for me?


A. You will be able to track your impact on the environment with yearly personalized carbon offset reports!


Smile and feel good knowing that you’re giving something important back to this beautiful place we call home.


Q. How much is the subscription? Where can I pay?


A. A monthly subscription cost $30 per month for one compost bucket, $35 per month for two buckets. You sign up and pay online for your recurring membership HERE. You can cancel at anytime. If you need to make other arrangements for payment, please contact:


Q. What do I get for/ what does my money go towards when I subscribe?


A. We’ll come pick up your compost collection bin and swap you for a clean bin on a designated day of the week— the funds collected go directly towards labor and supplies associated with the service.


I have other questions!

We all do! Please hit us up at and we'll make sure to get you an answer as soon as we can!

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