about composting with bokashi

Q. What can I throw in the compost bucket?


A. Check out the full list of compostables on our DO'S & DON'TS page, this is all geared toward composting with BOKASHI, which is why the list does include meats as well.

Q: What is Bokashi?


A. BOKASHI is an anaerobic (fermentation) process that converts food waste into a soil amendment, adding nutrients and improving soil structure. You can learn more about Bokashi, HERE.


Q: Does Bokashi smell?


A. No, BOKASHI does not smell! The only smell that can occur is a sweet and sour scent that occurs with the fermentation of the food.


Q. I'm seeing mold, is that bad?


A. White or light mold can develop inside your bucket, don’t worry about this, it is a sign that everything is going well with the fermentation.


When dark mold (purple, blue, green or black) occurs, something's not quite right. Drop us an email and we’ll come pick it up, so you can start fresh!


Q. My food waste looks exactly the same as how I put it in the bucket?


A. That’s right, when using BOKASHI, the food waste will not decompose in the bucket, it will basically pickle. An apple will still look like an apple.  

Q. What are the benefits of giving compost to a community project rather than compost at home?


A. We encourage at-home composting! Unfortunately this is not available to every household, due to space and time restrictions, travel, pests or lack of desire to manage a compost system. The benefit of community composting is outsourcing the messy parts of composting and joining a community effort that supports our local farms.


I have other questions!

We all do! Please hit us up at and we'll make sure to get you an answer as soon as we can!